What were the quilts in my mother pieced quilts meant for?

What is the original purpose of the mother’s quilts?

Created through Acostas imagery as a militant protector, the mother pieces quilts that “were just meant as cover/in winter/as weapons/against pounding january winds” (393).

What parts of life do the fabrics in the quilt represent?

What parts of the life do the fabrics in the quilt represent? Various season, holidays, happy events, sad occasions, such as a funeral. What does the speaker mean when she says “the quilts sing on”? The quilts represent the history of the family.

Which inference about the mother’s quilts is best supported by the entire poem?

Which inference about the mother’s quilts is best supported by the entire poem? The mother’s quilts have had both practical and symbolic significance to the speaker. The mother’s quilts are poorly stitched and fall apart over time.

How is the world where the mother and daughter quilt different from the alchemists world?

The alchemists are the definite facts that are simply physical and have no emotion involved, while the mother and the daughter quilting portray the moments passed along people and the warmth and care among family. This is represented in life as well, as nature somehow has already made the distinction between the two.

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What does the blue bowl symbolize in my mother’s blue bowl?

-Symbolic of the mother and her love. This is representative of how easily she gives her love. … -The bowl is described as being “seemingly full forever, no matter how deeply or rapaciously [the children] dipped, as if there was no bottom”(254).

What is the symbolism of a quilt?

Quilts often symbolize resourcefulness, as quilters use what resources they have to make a quilt as a covering. Quilts can also symbolize heritage, as they are created using fabrics that represent a moment in time.

What is the symbolism of the quilt in everyday use?

In “Everyday Use” quilts represent the creativity, skill, and resourcefulness of African American women. Women like Grandma Dee used and reused whatever material they had at hand to create functional, beautiful items. Quilts also represent the Johnson family heritage in particular.

What do the quilts symbolize to the narrator and her daughter Maggie?

The quilts represent an intimate bond to community and family identity for Maggie and Mrs. Johnson. To a great extent, the quilt embodies the personalized connection that both mother and daughter share to one another and their past.

What item did the narrator’s family buy from the junk store in the past?

The narrator describes a junk store in the neighborhood, where her family once bought a used refrigerator and Carlos sold a box of magazines.