What type of thread is best for machine embroidery?

Do you have to use special thread for machine embroidery?

The correct embroidery thread works best in your embroidery sewing machine. That thread is rayon but you can substitute polyester if you want to. Polyester produces basically the same look as rayon and is just about the same strength. Then there is nothing wrong with using cotton thread in your embroidery machine.

What is the most popular thread used for machine embroidery?

Cotton Embroidery Machine Thread

30 wt is the most common for machine embroidery, but there are thicker and thinner varieties available as well.

Can I use embroidery thread in my bobbin?

Just buy a simple white bobbin thread designed for an embroidery machine either in pre wound bobbins or in a big spool and you are good to go! One of the benefits of the bobbin thread being so thin is that it lasts a long time. You can wind a lot of bobbin thread on one bobbin – much more so than with regular thread.

What is the difference between machine embroidery thread and regular thread?

Embroidery thread is a different weight than regular thread. Your embroidery machine is not made to handle the weight of regular sewing thread. It can throw your machine off and cause problems. In addition, regular thread has a lot of lint and can gunk up your embroidery machine.

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Why do you need to choose the right thread to use in an embroidery?

The right thread will ensure your design is the best it can be! When it comes to machine embroidery, the types of threads you want to reach for are a little different to those used for hand embroidery.

What weight bobbin thread should I use for embroidery?

The 60-weight polyester filament thread is ideal for smooth embroidery and friction-free sewing. Bobbins are a standard Size A Class 15 (SA156) that fit most home embroidery and sewing machines.

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