What is the purpose of edge stitching?

Is edge stitching the same as top stitching?

Topstitching and edgestitching are decorative stitching, which show on the right side of the garment. Topstitching is wider, whereas edgestitching is done close to the seam. Topstitching tends to look more casual and edgestitching more dressy.

What are the types of edge finishes?

Different types of Edge Finishes: Folded hem EFa and EFb, Blind hem EFm and EFc, Hem allowance, Wedged hem, Flanged hem, Shirttail hem EFb /, Rolled hem EFw…

Why is finishing the hemline important?

The hemline is one of the most important details of a garment, and, when turned and pressed correctly, it gives a professional finish to the garment. Poor hems will give a project a definite homemade look.

What does neaten edges mean?

Neaten Edges: The technique of finishing a raw edge in whatever manner you prefer; using pinking shears, a zig-zag stitch, an overlock stitch, or serging the edge.

What stitch is applied in hemming the edges of the cloth?

This hem is also called a tailor’s hem. The slanted-hemming stitch is used when the hem is finished with a seam binding or stretch lace. Take a one- or two-yarn stitch in the garment, then bring the needle through the edge of the seam binding.

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