What is the past form of the verb sew?

What is past participle tense of sew?

The past tense of sew is sewed. The third-person singular simple present indicative form of sew is sews. … The past participle of sew is sewed.

What is the past form of a verb?

The past tense refers to event that have happened in the past. The basic way to form the past tense in English is to take the present tense of the word and add the suffix -ed. For example, to turn the verb “walk” into the past tense, add -ed to form “walked.” .

What is present tense of sew?


presentⓘ present simple or simple present
he, she, it sews
we sew
you sew
they sew

What is present tense and example?

Present-tense meaning

Present tense is a grammatical term used for verbs that describe action happening right now. An example of present tense is the verb in the sentence “I eat.” noun.

What is v1 v2 v3 v4 v5 verb?

Answer: v1 is present ,v2 past ,v3 past participate ,v4 present participate, v5 simple present. Smenevacuundacy and 228 more users found this answer helpful.

What are the 4 verb forms?

Verbs have four forms: base, simple past, present participle, and past participle.

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What is the verb form of sale?

Sale is a noun, sell is a verb (simple present) and sold is the simple past and past participle form of sell. I’m going to sell my car and buy a new one. She’s selling bottles of water at the football game.

What is the past participle of the word say?

past participle of say is said. I hope this helps.