What is a knitting belt used for?

What is the purpose of knitted belt?

Repetitive strain and posture injuries were unheard of: the knitting belt ensures that your hands are free to move easily at all times and there is no strain on any part of your body. The position of the needles ensures that your posture is always upright and you can even walk while you knit if you feel so inclined.

What are knitting belts?

Knitting belts are leather pouches with holes, stuffing and a strap. The long double-pointed knitting needle is inserted into a hole, and the stuffing holds it at the angle you need. This ingenious tool helps people with arthritis, tendinitis, repetitive thumb injuries and other disabilities knit with less pain.

Is English or Continental Knitting faster?

Some people say that knitting continental style is faster than knitting English style, though I have seen people knit very quickly using both methods. … Because of the smaller arm and hand movements, however, continental knitting is also prized by people with repetitive stress problems.

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