What is a Jogless join in knitting?

What does Jogless mean in knitting?

Knitting jogless stripes:

If you do this at the beginning of each row, you will create an elongated stitch and hide that beginning of the round jog. … Your rounds have now moved one stitch to the left. This creates an invisible seam that will move diagonally.

How do you knit stripes without breaking yarn?

To avoid weaving in extra yarn tails, you can change to a new color without breaking off the old one. After changing colors, carry the unused strand loosely up the back of the work and twist it around the current color to anchor it to the wrong side of the piece.

How many rows can you carry yarn?

There is no hard and fast rule but generally if you are going to be working more than 4 rows before needing the color again, strongly consider cutting it. Some people will stretch this to 6 rows. Every time you twist the yarns, you are adding more bulk to the edge.

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