What does ps3 mean in crochet?

What is ps3 in crochet?

Puff stitching adds great texture to crocheted fabric. To crochet a puff stitch, you half-close several stitches worked in the same stitch and then join them together to finish the stitch. Try your hand at making a 3-double-crochet puff stitch.

How do you crochet a bobble for dummies?

Bobble Stitch Written Tutorial

  1. Yarn over, insert hook into stitch and pull up a loop. Yarn over, pull through two. …
  2. Repeat number one in the same stitch/space until you have a total of 6 loops on your hook.
  3. Yarn over, pull through all 6 loops at once. …
  4. Single crochet in next stitch.
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