What are the causes of knitted fabric faults?

What type defects occur in knit fabrics & the remedies of these defects?

Drop Stitches (Holes) Drop Stitches are randomly appearing small or big holes of the, same or different size, which appear as defects, in the Knitted fabrics. Ÿ Obstructions in the yarn passage, due to the clogging of eyelets, yarn guides & tension discs, with wax & fluff etc. Ÿ Defects like; Slubs, Naps, Knots etc.

What are the eight knitting defects?

The major defects in Knitted fabrics be it flat knit or circular knit are as below:

  • Barre.
  • Streakiness.
  • Imperfections.
  • Contaminations.
  • Snarling.
  • Spirality.
  • Spandex Jump.
  • Spandex miss.

What is one of the remedy for lowering fabric pilling defect?

Pilling can be controlled by various methods including proper selection of fiber, prevention of abrasion during batch processing, and shearing and cropping with brushing to eliminate surface fibers and protruding fibers.

What is Spirality of knitted fabric?

Spirality can also be termed as fabric skew or fabric torque. Spirality is the problem which occurs when the wale is not perpendicular to the course direction. As the yarn is bent to form a loop, the outer part extends and inner part compresses.

What is broken stitch?

Broken Stitch: When stitching thread braking and Process start and end stitch line not connecting in a same point properly with each other’s it called broken stitch. Broken stitch is one of the most common defects in any of sewing oriented manufacturing unit.

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What are the basic faults of finished fabric?

The 23 Most Common Fabric Defects That You Should Look Out For During Inspection

  • Horizontal lines. A faulty bobbin (barrel that is used to hold yarn intact). …
  • Variation in the shade of the fabric. …
  • Stains on the garment. …
  • Uneven Printing Marks. …
  • Drop stitches. …
  • Misprinting. …
  • Crease marks. …
  • Barre.

What is major defects in garments?

Major Defect – A defect that is likely to result in failure; reducing the usability of the product and obvious appearance defects affecting the sale ability or shorten the life cycle of the product. Tolerance limits of defects (size, repeatability, quality, significance) will be defined later.