Quick Answer: Why is ripping out stitches called frogging?

What does frogging mean in America?

frogging. 1. Partial corruption of a text file or input stream by some bug or consistent glitch, as opposed to random events like line noise or media failures. Might occur, for example, if one bit of each incoming character on a tty were stuck, so that some characters were correct and others were not.

Why do I end up with an extra stitch when knitting?

The most common reasons that extra stitches occur are either accidental yarn overs and inadvertent knitting into space between stitches. … Then, when you go to knit the next stitch, the working yarn goes up and over your needle creating an extra loop on your needle as it makes that next stitch.

What does Progging mean?

1. ( intransitive) British slang or dialect. to prowl about for or as if for food or plunder.

What does Froggy mean in slang?

(childish or endearing) A frog. noun. 1. (ethnic slur, offensive) A Frenchman. noun.

What do you call people who do crochet?

The definition of crocheter in the dictionary is a person who does crochet work.

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