Quick Answer: What weight is sulky bobbin thread?

What weight should bobbin thread be?

The 60-weight polyester filament thread is ideal for smooth embroidery and friction-free sewing. Bobbins are a standard Size A Class 15 (SA156) that fit most home embroidery and sewing machines.

What is 90 wt bobbin thread used for?

The The Finishing Touch Embroidery Bobbin Thread 90 wt in White is recommended for Brother, Baby Lock and Janome embroidery machines.

Is sulky thread polyester?

Sulky has a light weight polyester thread called Poly Lite thread that is a 60 wt Polyester designed for machine embroidery. They also have an invisible monofilament thread and cotton bobbin thread. The invisible will not break down under heat.

Can I use regular thread for bobbin?

As with any sewing thread, quality does make a difference. A quality bobbin thread can be almost as strong as normal sewing thread. Regular weight sewing thread would be used in almost all sewing, but bobbin thread is a welcome addition to your sewing basket when the need arises.

Can you use different color bobbin thread?

You can use whatever color you want, but you don’t need to change color to match the top thread. Your bobbin thread should not show through the top layer of stitching. … You will always want to use a lightweight polyester bobbin thread, such as BobbinFil or any other 60-70 weight thread.

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What is the difference between 60 and 90 weight bobbin thread?

Machine embroidery bobbin thread is different from regular thread. … Typically, it is either 60 or 90 weight, whereas standard embroidery thread is typically 40 weight. And, a higher weight number means a thinner thread. Another difference is that machine embroidery bobbin thread typically only comes in white.

Can I use embroidery thread in my sewing machine?

Yes, you can use embroidery thread on a sewing machine. … Polyester, cotton, rayon are just some of those styles and you may find these threads to be a bit stronger than regular embroidery thread.

What is sulky thread for?

Quilting. If you want your quilting to really pop and/or if you’re a hand quilter, Sulky 12 wt. Cotton thread is for you. … Sulky Cotton Blendables are a great thread choice for long-arm quilters, as the thread transitions between colors throughout the design.

What is sulky thread used for?

For “stitching in the ditch” and “invisible applique” quilts, quilters prefer Sulky Polyester Invisible thread over every other invisible thread because it is made of polyester instead of nylon which gives it a more flexible, soft touch, and makes it more tolerant to the heat of an iron.