Quick Answer: Is goat willow good for weaving?

What willow is used for weaving?

Of the above list only osier willow is best for basket weaving. The varieties Purpurea and Triandra being the most commonly used. Viminalis is also used for larger structures. The willow that is used for weaving is of the plant variety, that grows as a crop and harvested each year, or coppiced.

Is goat willow good for carving?

Goat Willow (Salix Caprea)

A very straight grained soft timber easy to split and carve with a lovely aroma and notes almost reminiscent of almonds. Goat willow has a very attractive two tone grain of white sapwood and a lovely light orange heartwood making it a lovely feature in my malt whisky tumblers.

Is goat willow fast growing?

Provided they receive enough moisture and are fed regularly (as for seeds), goat willow will grow quite fast. You should produce a 50-100cm tall plant in one season from cuttings.

How much does willow make a basket?

How many willow shoots are recommended? For small baskets, around 60. For medium baskets, around 125. For large, around 170.

Is basket willow invasive?

Basket willow trees are easy to grow in a variety of soil types. Although they adapt to dry soil, they prefer moist or wet soil. … Note: Some willow species can be invasive. If in doubt, check with your local cooperative extension before planting.

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Can you use any willow for weaving?

The rule of thumb is that any long thin plant material you can wrap around your wrist once fully without snapping can be woven as a basket. … The willow used mostly in commercial basket weaving in the UK is Black Maul a cultivar of Salix Triandra but most willow is ‘weavable’.

Can you use fresh cut willow for weaving?

If you make something with freshly cut willow be aware that the weaving will loosen as it dries and shrinks, potentially, leaving gaps in the weaving. Ideally, you should wait, say, 6 weeks from cutting before using it to allow dry a little, whilst still being flexible.

Is Willow easy to carve?

It is a light wood with visible grain that carves a bit like basswood. Seasoning willow can be difficult because of the high water content.

Is Willow good for spoon carving?

Hardwoods will often have a denser grain structure which tends to be nicer to carve, and means that they absorb less moisture, which is important when making something functional like a spoon! Woods such as Lime, Alder, Willow, Poplar and Birch are very soft to carve, making them perfect for practicing.