Is it weeping machine or weaving machine?

Do I really need a coverstitch machine?

If you sew a lot of knits, a coverstitch machine can be a massive time saver, not just when sewing hems, but also when topstitching elastic for activewear, swimsuits, and underwear, too.

What can you do with an overlock machine?

An overlock sewing machine, or serger as it is commonly known, can trim, stitch, and overcast seams as they sew. They can also be used for applications such as inserting a zipper and creating beautiful decorations with certain stitches.

What is an industrial weaving machine?

The industrial weaving machine is popularly referred treferredeeping Machine or Weaving Machines by Nigerians. The machine is a must-have for dressmakers and tailors. It’s mostly used to bestow neat finishings to fabrics by enclosing the edges of the seam.

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