How do you weave a willow obelisk?

How do you make a living willow wigwam?

To make a living willow wigwam, plant long sturdy willow whips about 30cm apart in a large circle. Leaning in alternate diagonals, with the strongest whips either side of your doorway. Then fill in the gaps with smaller willow whips, depending on how thick you want the walls to be.

Can I make my own obelisk?

A simple, metal obelisk can easily be created using galvanised garden wire and metal rods. Create an interesting shape by bending the rods and securing them in place with the wire. The structure can be as big as you like, although a minimum of about 1m high is best for the most lightweight climbers.

What can you do with obelisk?

Garden obelisks can be used in many ways. Traditional use includes supporting flowering plants. Climbing roses such as Blaze, Joseph’s Coat and other varieties need a sturdy support such as a wrought iron obelisk or a garden trellis. Trim the canes and tie using garden twine until the plant has matured.

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