How do you make a double sided blanket?

How do you make a two sided blanket?

5 Beginner Steps On How To Sew A Double Sided Fleece Blanket

  1. Step #1. Cut the fabric and round the corners.
  2. Step #2. Sew layers together.
  3. Step #3. Cut the seam allowance and turn the blanket.
  4. Step #4. Turn the right sides out and sew the gap.
  5. Step #5. Decorate your blanket (optional)

What is the difference between a burp cloth and receiving blanket?

Burp Cloth – You can use receiving blankets as burp cloths. They offer more coverage than traditional small burp cloths so more of your clothing is protected against spills and spit-up. In the early months, when burping can take a while, the blanket provides a soft and safe surface for your baby to rest against.

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