How do you attach a mirror to embroidery?

What is mirror stitching?

Mirror-work embroidering involves attaching lightweight mirrors to fabric with intricate embroidery. … Extremely popular in various parts of India, mirror-work is also known as shisha embroidery. The word shisha stands for glass in Persian.

Which glue is used to stick clothes?

Use on Everyday Items

Brand Fevicryl
Model Name Fabric Glue (80 Ml) : Pack Of 10
Quantity 10 ml
Suitable For Fabric, cloth, garments, canvas
Adhesive Type Liquid

Which fabric is best for mirror work?

There is a special appeal to mirror work

It has been used effectively on a variety of fabrics like cotton, silk, chiffon, crepe, georgette and Supernet.

What is mirror work embroidery called?

Also known as sheesha and abhala bharat embroidery, mirror work is a type of hand embroidery that includes attaching small pieces of mirror onto fabric.

How many types of mirror work are there?

4 Types of Mirror Work in Apparel Designing.

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