Frequent question: What does FWOF mean in quilting?

What does WOF strips mean?

WOF. This acronym stands for width of fabric. You’ll see if used often in cutting instructions, as a pattern may say “Cut a 2 1/2″ x WOF strip.” The usable width of most quilting cottons from selvage to selvage is about 42″, though there are some wide styles at 54″ to 60″ and extra-wide at 104″ to 110″.

What does length of fabric mean?

Fabric length is the distance from end to end, along the selvedge of a fabric.

What is Subcutting?

Subcut- A subcut is a smaller piece of fabric cut from material that has already been cut. For example, from a jelly roll or a fat quarter, a quilter may cut a smaller piece of fabric to use in piecing, a charm quilt square, or other design.

What are the pieces of a quilt called?

Any quilt is made up of 5 main parts: the quilt top, the batting, the backing fabric, a binding and the quilting.

  • Quilt Top. The quilt top is the face of the quilt. …
  • Batting. Batting is the “stuffing” that is in the middle of a quilt. …
  • Binding. …
  • The Quilting.

Is Wof selvage to selvage?

Yes, WOF means from selvedge to selvedge, so you’ll be cutting 12 strips that are 6-1/2″ wide by 40″-44″ inches depending on how wide your fabric is. Remember to cut off the selvedge edge and not sew it into a seam allowance. The selvedge is more tightly woven than the center of your quilt fabric.

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