Can you knit a top?

How many stitches does a crop top need?

You should have 115 stitches on your needle.

Half-stretchy Bind Off:

  • Knit 2, pull first stitch over the second as in a normal bind off. This leaves 1 stitch on the right needle.
  • Knit the next stitch. …
  • Knit 1.

Is knit for summer?

When knitting for summer, we recommend using light, breathable yarns, such as cotton yarn and linen yarn. The combination of the two yarns, or possibly combined with a single thread of silk mohair also gives a lovely light summery result.

Can u knit a shirt?

T-shirt yarn is fun to make and fun to use in knitting projects, whether you make it yourself or use one of the commercially available yarns made out of old shirts. While the results are awesome and the projects work up quickly because the yarn is so big, the t-shirt yarn can be a little difficult to work.

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