Best answer: What part of sewing machine is located below the presser foot?

What is under the presser foot?

Teeth that move the fabric under the presser foot, advancing one stitch at a time. Foot Control, Regulates the starting, running, and stopping of the machine by the amount of pressure applied to the control. Hand Wheel, Controls the movement of the take-up lever; can be turned by hand to raise or lower needle.

What holds the presser foot in place?

8. Presser foot lever. The lever attached to the presser bar to control the up and down movement of the presser foot. This lowers the presser foot into place when you are ready to sew, and to lift it up when you want to move your fabric.

What will happen if the pressure on foot presser is not correct?

If there’s too much pressure put down on the presser foot, your fabric will pucker. Not enough pressure and the presser foot will also make your fabric pucker or your thread gets tangled, in the front or the back of your sewing project.

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