Your question: What does DC Dec mean in crocheting?

What does DC 2dc mean in crochet?

Double Crochet 2 Increase. 2dc. (Yoh, insert hook in stitch, yoh and pull a loop through so that you have 3 loops on the hook. Yoh and pull through 2 loops on the hook, yoh and pull through the 2 remaining loops on the hook) twice.

What does F o mean in crochet?

FO. Finished Object. This is just what it says. A knit or crochet project that is entirely finished – including hiding the yarn ends … The opposite of an FO might be OTN, PHD, WIP or UFO.

What does R mean in crochet?

tr = treble crochet. st/sts = stitch/stitches. tog = together. prev = previous. RS = right side.

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