Your question: What does C2B mean in knitting?

What is the meaning of C2B?

Consumer-to-business, or C2B, is a type of business model where the customer provides a service or product to the business. This is the reverse of the typical business-to-consumer model (or B2C), in which a company provides a service to customers through the sale of goods and services.

What is C2B in CrossFit?

C2B – or CTB – are shortened terms for a Chest to Bar Pull-up in CrossFit. Chest to bar just refer to the standard of touching your chest to the bar at the top of each rep.

What does c2 2l mean in knitting?

Knitting a 2/2 Right Cable Cross. Step 1. Work as directed by the pattern up to the stitches you will be cabling. The 2/2 Cable Cross involves 2 stitches crossing over another 2 stitches. It’s worked over 4 stitches total, so here we have our 4 stitches ready and waiting on the left needle (LN).

How many rows are in between cables?

Standard cables have the same number of plain rows between turning rows as there are stitches in the cable. If the cable is 6 stitches wide, for example, you work the turning row every 6 rows.

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