Your question: How do you start a project in knitting companion?

How much does knitCompanion cost?

I was recently invited to try knitCompanion, an app for iOS and Android devices. I’m happy to say that this is a very useful tool. Read to the bottom for ways to try knitCompanion for free, including a chance to win a year’s subscription to the upgrades! The basic version of knitCompanion is free.

Is knitCompanion free?

knitCompanion is free to download and includes kCBasics. Prices for all in-app purchases can be found in the Apple App Store and inside the app. kCBasics are free and provide basic features you can use for all your patterns.

What does knitCompanion app do?

knitCompanion is a powerful pattern tracking app for iOS and Android. It allows you to keep track of where you are in a written pattern with digital markers, counters and highlighters. It is especially helpful for following knitting charts.

How do you delete pages on knitCompanion?

How do I delete a Project or PDF from knitCompanion

  1. Tap Projects or PDFs. Show Me.
  2. Tap the button to expand the options. Show Me.
  3. Tap the trash to delete the item.

Can I print from knitCompanion?

Tap to go to your knitCompanion settings. Show the options for projects and PDFs. … Print or share a PDF.

How do I use knitCompanion Dropbox?

How to import a pdf file into knitCompanion on iPhone

  1. open your pdf on your device (i use dropbox)
  2. select forward (image1) and then open in… (image 2) knitCompanion (image 3)
  3. select ‘new project (image 4)
  4. select all pages (image 5)
  5. give your project a name and tell knitCompanion to ‘create project (image 6)
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Does knitCompanion work on Kindle?

KnitCompanion is available for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire. You can download knitCompanion for free from the app store on your device.

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