Your question: How do you measure a triangle for a quilt?

How do you size a triangle in setting?

A—To calculate the size to cut a square for side setting triangles, multiply the finished block size by 1.414 and add 1.25″ for seam allowances. (For example, 10″ block × 1.414 = 14.14 + 1.25″ = 15.39″; rounded up the measurement would be 151⁄2″.)

What is the diagonal of a triangle?

A triangle has no diagonals. A square has two diagonals of equal length, which intersect at the center of the square. The ratio of a diagonal to a side is. A regular pentagon has five diagonals all of the same length.

What does on point mean in quilting?

I also love quilts that are “on point” – meaning the blocks are placed on one of the points, like a diamond, rather that straight . The diagonal lines are a little more dynamic and visually interesting.

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