You asked: How do you pick a border color for a quilt?

What color should a quilt border be?

Another way to choose colors for a pieced + solid border is to choose a number of colors you love for the pieced portion of the border. Then choose a dark color or black for the solid sections. To make this work, pieces from the pieced section of the border should be used within the quilt.

How wide should my borders be on my quilt?

Borders should be in proportion to the size of the finished quilt. As a general rule of thumb, a small wall hanging should have a border of less than 6″ while a king-size quilt can handle a 12″ to 14″ border. Borders that are too wide diminish the quilt center design.

Should quilt borders be cut on the bias?

Many quilters add borders by cutting long lengths of fabric, sewing them on and then cutting off the excess. … Fabric is the most unstable cut on the bias; any cut on the diagonal can easily be stretched and distorted. Whenever possible, cut border fabric from the lenthwise grain of the fabric.

Is it OK to piece quilt borders?

Most often, we piece strips together for binding- because you need a looooooong continuous strip of fabric to go around all the edges of your quilt. … While cutting the border parallel to the fabric selvedge means that there is no piecing involved, it results in a lot of leftover fabric! So, I always piece my borders.

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Should quilt borders be cut crosswise or lengthwise?

Should the borders be cut across the grain or along the lengthwise grain of the fabric? A: Although you might think you’re saving fabric by cutting across the grain (from selvage to selvage), it’s best to cut lengthwise. When you cut crosswise, the fabric edge will have a little more stretch.