Why is my last stitch so loose?

How do you stop loose stitches at the end of a row?

Just make sure to work your seams or edgings into at least the second stitch from the edge, rather than the loose edge stitch. If the edge with loose stitches is going to be a finished edge (meaning you won’t be sewing a seam or picking up stitches along that edge later), you can try slipping the edge stitches.

Does blocking fix loose stitches?

Blocking can smooth out stitches, but it won’t magically fix uneven tension. If your knitting is “rowing out” or showing dramatic gauge differences between your knit and purl rows, you’ll need to adjust your knitting style.

Why is my first row of knitting so loose?

The first row of knitting is usually loose because your work needs more rows before it tightens. It also usually has something to do with your tension or cast-on method. Remember that it is always best to practice your knitting to get better tension.

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