Who is four eyes in Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress?

Why does the narrator punch Four-Eyes?

The narrator muses that Four-Eyes’ glimpse of hope for the future has made him exceptionally arrogant. Four-Eyes tells Luo and the narrator to take the pages and burn them. Luo asks for the promised books, but Four-Eyes feigns ignorance. … Angry, the narrator lunges at Four-Eyes and accidentally punches him in the jaw.

How does Four-Eyes offend the Miller?

Four-Eyes declined to join the miller in enjoying this dish, which offended the miller. He refused to sing any of his songs, and Four-Eyes stayed for several days. Luo asks if Four-Eyes would lend him another book by Balzac if he and the narrator are able to get the miller to sing folk songs.

Why does Four-Eyes claim to have stayed friends with Luo and the narrator?

Four-Eyes is generally suspicious of other people and he regularly behaves in ways that are purely self-serving. … Luo and the narrator hear him admit that he only remains friends with Luo so he can someday call on the dentist, Luo’s father, for dental work.

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Who is the old Miller in Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress?

The Miller is an old man who lives alone and is a repository of local folk songs. The Miller narrates one part of the novel and provides songs to the boys, who then relate them to Four-Eyes. He is one of the characters who chooses not to be involved with the revolution.

What book does four eyes lend to the boys?

The boys don’t know why Four-Eyes chose to give them this particular novel, Ursule Mirouët. However, they read it immediately, first Luo and then the narrator. It is transformative.

What does the narrator learn from Jean Christophe?

The narrator is particularly inspired by the novel Jean-Christophe, which helps him to develop his own personal philosophy that champions individuals who stand up to take individual action against the world.

Why do the boys agree to help four-eyes collect songs?

However, after he loses his glasses, Four-Eyes needs help with his chores. The narrator and Luo help him in exchange for a copy of Honoré de Balzac’s short novel Ursule Mirouët. … When he tells the narrator and Luo how he accidentally offended the miller, they promise to collect songs from him in exchange for more books.

What are the narrator and Luo’s jobs in the village?

The village lapses into anarchy, and no one cares if Luo and the narrator skip work. After all, they are former opium growers who were forced into farming themselves.

What surprised the narrator when he and Luo went to see the little seamstress?

When the Little Seamstress tells Luo and the narrator that she doesn’t read or write much, it seems likely that she is lying and doesn’t write at all. Therefore, the pair are likely both surprised when the Little Seamstress’s letter to Luo arrives.

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What do the narrator and Luo want to collect from the old Miller?

Luo tells the miller that the narrator has traveled from Beijing to collect folk songs from the region. The miller looks suspicious and says that the folk songs aren’t “proper songs.” Luo assures him that the narrator is hoping to collect “authentic, robustly primitive” songs.

What does Luo say that gets the village headman to accept the music?

The narrator is terrified—all music by western composers has been banned for years. The headman asks what the song is called, and Luo says the song is called “Mozart is Thinking of Chairman Mao.” The headman says that Mozart is always thinking of Chairman Mao, and Luo agrees.