Which way should the thread unwind on a sewing machine?

Which way should the thread spin on a sewing machine?

The thread should leave the spool at a RIGHT angle, in line with the direction of the wound thread. This will stop the thread catching on the grooves at the end of the spool.

Which way does the spool go?

A pull of the string at an angle greater than the critical angle will produce a counterclockwise rotation of the spool; it rolls to the left. A pull at an angle less than the critical angle will produce a clockwise rotation of the spool; it rolls to the right.

Which direction should the thread exit the spool when threading the machine?

Spool 1 – the regular ‘smooth’ wound thread should come off the side of the spool and the spool turns as it feeds off. This should be placed upright on the vertical spool holder. Spool 2 – the criss-cross thread should come off the top of the spool in a circle and the spool shouldn’t turn while being unwound.

Which way should thread come off bobbin?

Insert the bobbin making sure the bobbin rotates counterclockwise when you pull the thread. NOTE: This is a very important step as the bobbin can become unthreaded and cause sewing problems if it rotates clockwise. 4. Pull the thread through the slot (A) and then to the left.

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Does thread have a direction?

The thread’s twist runs in the direction from the loose end towards the spool. If you’re unsure of the twist’s direction, have a look at a cut length of thread under a magnifying glass, and you’ll see that one end is pointed and the other end flares open slightly.

Why is my bobbin thread not catching?

Check the upper thread. – Check to see if your upper tension is too tight. … – Your thread could be caught on something between the needle and your spool of thread if so, your thread will be too tight for the needle to pick up the bobbin thread. – Make sure that the upper thread is threaded properly.

Why do we need to thread the machine correctly?


Each part of the threading mechanism on the head of a sewing machine has a definite purpose in guiding the thread from the spool to the needle. The thread must pass through the various guides in a given order so that the machine will sew properly the formed stitches.

How do you unwind a spool of thread?

Do you? Pull on the bottom of the spool. It will pop open. This is nice because after you use the spool, you can wrap the thread around by using the notches in the bottom of the spool and then push up on the bottom and it locks the thread back in place.

Does bobbin direction matter?

Make sure the bobbin thread unrolls in the correct direction when installing the bobbin into the bobbin case. … If the thread unrolls in the wrong direction, the needle may break or the thread tension will be incorrect. Use a bobbin that has been correctly wound with thread.

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Why are there two spool pins on my sewing machine?

The extra spool pin is used for sewing with metallic threads or twin needle sewing. You insert the extra spool pin onto the end of the bobbin winder shaft as shown below. To help keep metallic thread from breaking while sewing, use the extra spool pin so that the thread rolls off the spool instead of twisting.