Which is better metal or vinyl corner bead?

What are metal corner beads used for?

Whether on a wall or on a soffit, outside corners must be covered with corner bead. The material protects the surface and has a slightly raised beaded edge, which keeps the corner straight and acts as a screed while taping.

Can you use metal corner bead for inside corners?

Metal beading is suitable only for outside corners—it can’t be used for inside corners.

How do you cut metal corner bead?

Measure the length of the corner, and cut the bead to length with a pair of tin snips. The metal is thin and easy to cut. Cut from one edge toward the bead in the center and then cut from the other edge toward the center.

Can you nail vinyl corner bead?

Attaching a Plastic Corner Bead

Although metal used to be the most common material for corner beads, you can now find plastic-covered paper, paper-covered metal and vinyl ones. … Spray more adhesive on the inside of the corner bead.

Can you use FibaTape inside corners?

FibaTape can be used to tape inside corners. Just fold it with one hand and press into the corner with the other. The tape is self-adhesive so it can be applied to all the inside corners before any joint compound is applied.

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