When a woolen yarn is knitted to get a sweater The change can be classified as Dash?

Is Woollen yarn to knitted sweater a reversible change?

In case of woolen yarn to a knitted sweater, the sweater can be changed into woolen by just taking out the tread so yes it is also a reversed change.

Why is wool to a sweater a physical change?

Answer: In a physical change no new substance is formed . in this case when the wool is knitted into a sweater only the appearance is changed no new substance is formed . we can get back the wool from the sweater and thus it is a physical change .

When a woolen yarn is?

Woolen (American English) or woollen (Commonwealth English) is a type of yarn made from carded wool. Woolen yarn is soft, light, stretchy, and full of air. … Woolen yarn is in contrast to worsted yarn, in which the fibers are combed to lie parallel rather than carded, producing a hard, strong yarn.

Is knitting a reversible change?

Answer: Woollen yarn to knitted sweater is a reversible reaction. Explanation: If the reaction involved the conversion of reactants into products as well as products into reactants called reversible reaction.

Is growing of nails a reversible or irreversible change?

Yes, the growth of nails is irreversible. Once they grow , they can’t be reduced naturally until and unless they are cut.

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What is the difference between changes that can or Cannot be reversed?

Melting of ice is a reversible change. A change which cannot be reversed to form the original substance (or substances) is called an irreversible change . … When ice cubes are kept at room temperature, they turn into water after some time. On the other hand, burning of a piece of paper is an irreversible change.

Are all changes by heat reversible Why?

All chemical changes are irreversible changes. Once the chemical properties of a substance are changed, it becomes another substance. Thus, it cannot return to its original state.

Is tearing of paper a physical change?

Now, as per question, if we tear a paper, we can notice that the chemical composition of the paper is the same and the only thing that changes is the size of paper bits that are formed as we keep on tearing the paper. Hence, tearing of paper is a physical change.