What side does embroidery go on?

Where do you embroider name on jacket?

We recommend putting names on the right side of a logo embroidered polo shirt or jacket. The right side is the more traditional side for good reason. It creates a separation from the logo, it is easy to read and it is the side of the shirt that becomes visible when shaking another person’s hand.

Where should an embroidery be placed on a shirt?

The standard industry guideline for embroidery placement on left chest embroidery on a polo, T-shirt, or sweatshirt is approximately 6″ from the shoulder and 4″ from the center front. Common center chest embroidery placement is approximately 3″ down from the neckline.

Where do you put the embroidery on a hoodie?

In most cases, the bigger sized emblem on sweatshirts is embroidered in the center of front or back of the hoodies 7 to 9 inches down the shoulder seam. For a smaller logo under 4 inches width, it should be embroidered on the left chest 7 to 9 inches down from the center of the left shoulder seam.

Why is my embroidery not lining up?

Your designs may not line up because of improper hooping, if you’ve hooped the fabric too loosely or too tightly.

How big should pocket logos be?

The standard sizes are 3.5″ x 3.5″ for adult, 3″ x 3″ for youth, and 3″ x 3″ for a left chest design on a pocket. Most often the left chest design is home for the logo of a company, organization, school, event, etc.

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Where does the embroidery go on a napkin?

One of the most common way to position embroidery on a napkin is to put it in the bottom corner a few inches up from the corner and stitch out the monogram on this diagonal.