What is Yon and YRN in knitting?

Is YRN and yon the same?

YRN: This is a YO done between two purl stitches. … YON: This is a YO done after a purl and before a knit. You’re starting with the yarn in front, and you want to end with it in back, so you just flip it over the needle; it’s step 2 all by itself.

Is Yarn Over the same as yarn forward?

Yarn Over. A “yarn forward” is more commonly the British term, while a “yarn over” is the preferred American term. … For instance, if you are working a purl stitch, your yarn is naturally in the front of the work.

What does Won mean in knitting pattern?

won: Wool over needle. wrn: Wool around needle. WS: Wrong side, or reverse side, meaning the side of the fabric meant to be worn on the inside. wyib: With yarn in back. wyif: With yarn in front.

What is yarn forward round needle?

The Yarn Forward Round Needle Stitch is a variation on the Yarn Over. The Yarn Over is a method of making a hole in your fabric. The YFRN term comes from British terminology, and it has a very specific meaning: making a Yarn Over when coming from a Knit Stitch and going into a Purl stitch.

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