What is the opposite of Continental Knitting?

Is English or continental knitting better?

The English method has the advantage of being simpler for new knitters to learn. It also makes it easier to handle extremely large needles and bulky yarn. On the other hand, Continental knitting streamlines the motion of each stitch which can make the work flow a great deal faster.

Is knitting popular in Norway?

Knitting is probably a bigger part of Oslo’s culture than people are aware of. In Norway, 43% of all women, and 30% of women under the age of 29, knit. The craft is also clearly visible all across town. You can find yarn stores in just about every borough – which is pretty unique even in Norway.

What are types of knitting?

There are two major varieties of knitting: weft knitting and warp knitting. In the more common weft knitting, the wales are perpendicular to the course of the yarn. In warp knitting, the wales and courses run roughly parallel.

Is Continental knitting really faster?

Continental knitting is much faster. … The actual creating of the stitches is exactly the same in continental knitting, you just hold the yarn in your left hand, and by doing so, the entire action of knitting (or purling) is much smoother…and quicker.

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