What is mottled yarn?

What is mottled wool?

Mottled Merino creates a casual effect on wool, with felted and un-felted regions on the clothing. … With Mottled Merino a special yarn has been created by randomly mixing untreated and anti-felt treated regions within the yarn to create a highly textured and mottled aspect after milling.

What is speckled yarn?

Speckled Dyed Yarn is a great way to introduce flecks of color to add dynamic visual interest. The latest trend in dying you’ll find both hand and machine dyed speckled yarns in a wide variety of bases. … Check out our hand-dyed knitting yarns and self-striping yarn too.

How do you spin speckled yarn?

The trick to speckles is having just the right amount of water and/or steam. Too much water and your speckles will grow into blobs of color. Too little water and the dye won’t be able to set and when you rinse your yarn it will turn into runny mess of color. Another key ingredient is time.

What kind of yarn is not itchy?

Acrylic and microfiber yarns are synthetic, so they won’t irritate someone who has an allergy to animal-based products. You can put items knit from this type of yarn into the washer and dryer. Even better, acrylic and microfiber yarns hold up well when it comes to their shape and color.

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