What does self stitch mean?

What does self sewing mean?

self-sow. (or self-seeding) A term that describes a plant that, without assistance, sheds viable seed which germinate around the parent plant.

What does self trim mean?

A cargo hold with a large hatch to enable the loading of loose bulk cargoes and directing it into all parts of the hold.

What is self fabric neck tape?

Bias tape is a popular way to finish garments whether it be necklines, seams or even hemlines. … You can use just about any fabric to create bias tape, just be mindful of the bulk it’ll create once it’s folded 3 or sometimes 4 times over.

What is it called when fabric is gathered by stitches?

Shirring or gauging is a decorative technique in which a panel of fabric is gathered with many rows of stitching across its entire length and then attached to a foundation or lining to hold the gathers in place. It is very commonly used to make larger pieces of clothing with some shape to them.

What is a self growing plant called?

The best things in life really are free and a great example of that are self-sowing plants. Self-sowing plants reseed themselves and offer a new crop of beautiful plants the next growing season. … Plants that self-seed allow annuals to mimic perennials and save you money every year they volunteer.

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What is self in a dress?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Self-fabric, in sewing, is a fabric piece or embellishment made from the same fabric as the main fabric, as opposed to contrast fabric.

What is the wrong side of fabric called?

The ‘wrong side’ means the back of the fabric or the side that will be hidden when the project is finished. When you sew two bits of fabric together it’s common to hear the phrase, ‘right sides together’ or ‘right sides facing’. This means that the ‘right sides’ of the fabric will be touching as you sew the seam.

What is self patterned fabric?

Self patterned fabrics feature a design or motif that is woven into the fabric. … This allows a pattern to be introduced into a design scheme without having to add more colour.

What is a self collar polo?

Self fabric collars are made from the fabric that is used in the main body and sleeves. … Contrast collars have a more tradition feel. They reflect the style of the original polo shirts that were used by the british military to play Polo.

What does back/neck tape mean?

Definition. Taped Back neck. A piece of material used to cover and reinforce the neckline. Can be self fabric of the garment or more expensive items might use a different material. The tape can just be to the neck or can run into the shoulders too which gives extra strength.

What is twill neck tape?

Twill tape or twilled tape is a flat herringbone twill-woven fabric tape or ribbon of cotton, linen, polyester, or wool. It may be used in sewing and tailoring to reinforce seams, make casings, bind edges, and make sturdy ties for closing garments (for example, on hospital gowns).

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What does it mean to cut selvage to selvage?

When the fabric is measured, it is cut from the bolt by cutting perpendicular to the edge of the material leaving the selvage alongside each side of the cut fabric.