What do you wear with knitted flares?

What do you wear with knitted flare pants?

You can pair them with both tight and loose tops (I recommend to use stiff fabrics and square looking shapes), go for tucked or half tucked fluid T-shirt tops, cashmere sweaters or light semi-sheer shirts.

Are flare jeans still in style?

While flared jeans may just be a passing trend, Who What Wear predicts that the bootcut style will stick around for some time, just like it did in the mid-2000s. There are several other wide-leg jean styles that are trending now if you want a relaxed look, but flared jeans aren’t your thing.

Are flares trendy?

Flares offer major retro vibes, but you can add a modern twist with trendy details. Swap your traditional baby blues for flares with frayed hems, embroidery or pintucks down the center of the leg. Top the look with a jewel tone that’s trending this winter—sure to elevate your casual-cool weekend looks.

How do you style 2020 flares?

I’ve Worn Flares for Years—Here’s How to Wear Them in 2020

  1. Flared Blue Jeans + Checked Blazer.
  2. White Flares + White Denim Jacket.
  3. Dark Denim Flares + Long Cardigan.
  4. Printed Flares + Belted Leather Jacket.
  5. White Flared Jeans + Retro-Print Shirt.
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