What do you call someone who sews clothes?

How to do it

What is a slang word for clothes?

The noun duds is an informal, slang term for “clothing.” You can pack your duds in a suitcase before a vacation or arrange your duds by color in your closet.

What do you call a woman who sews?

A seamstress is a person whose job involves sewing clothing. You could be a seamstress if you hem your own pants, but most seamstresses work in factories sewing garments using sewing machines. Traditionally, a seamstress was a woman who sewed seams in clothes using a machine, or occasionally by hand.

What is a male sewer called?

The term for the male counterpart to a seamstress is “seamster.” The term “tailor” is gender neutral.

What is a group of sewers called?

A sewerage system, or wastewater collection system, is a network of pipes, pumping stations, and appurtenances that convey sewage from its points of origin to a point of treatment and disposal.

What is a slang word for looking good?

Snatched – Looks good, perfect, or fashionable; the new “on fleek”

What are two synonyms for clothes?


  • attire.
  • garb.
  • regalia.
  • wardrobe.
  • clothing.
  • duds.
  • rags.
  • work.

What’s another word for nice clothes?

What is another word for fine clothes?

array finery
sportswear civvies
tatters formals
equipment best clothes
feathers robe
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