What are balloon mosaics made of?

How many balloons do you need for a balloon mosaic?

At-least 50 to 100 balloons for a standard size mosaic. For an XL sized mosaic it should take 100-150 balloons. Amount of balloons will vary based size and desired look of mosaic.

Can you reuse balloon mosaic?

Q. Are the Balloon Mosaic Frames single use or reusable? A. The Frames are designed so they can be single use or reusable if you are reasonably careful removing the used balloons.

How do you make a number 3 balloon?

To create the number 3 shape, you could make to half circles, and then tape them together in the middle with duct tape. After that you’d add your 4 balloon clusters to the frame. I found this video which shows the principle quite nicely, only that it is about making a letter (E) out of balloons. Hope this helps!

What are mosaic numbers made of?

Mosaic trend just recently entered our community but already became one of the most wanted items. Every letter and number are custom made of high density foam board and filled with your choice of color balloons.

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