Question: What is Pellon Stitch and tear?

How do you use Pellon stitch and tear stabilizer?

General Directions:

  1. Cut a piece of Sticky-Grid-N-Tear™ slightly larger than the area to be stitched.
  2. Hoop the Sticky-Grid-N-Tear™ with the paper side up. …
  3. Lightly finger press fabric over the hoop keeping the grain line straight. …
  4. Embroider your design.
  5. After design is complete, gently tear away the excess stabilizer.

What is stitch and tear?

Stitch n Tear is a tear away backing for all types of decorative needlework. … Simply attach a piece of the stitch n tear material slightly larger than the motif to the underside of the fabric embroider the design and tear off the excess.

What is tear away interfacing?

Tear-away backing is a lightweight, paper-like stabilizer, available in several weights, softness, and colors, and it can be removed after sewing, by literally tearing the backing away after the embroidery is sewn. Tear-away stabilizer can be used with medium to heavy woven fabrics.

What is pellon884?

Pellon® 884 Cut-A-Way Stabilizer is a cut-away stabilizer backing for all types of decorative stitch-work including embroidery, appliqué, cut-work and monogramming, but is best for dense stitching. It is fast and easy-to-use, prevents fabric from puckering, and adds stability to the design area.

Is stitch and tear washable?

This easy to use Stitch and Tear Interlining, is light weight, iron on and washable. Tear away stabiliser is used to support sewing or embroidery on difficult or delicate fabrics. … To ensure the best results it is recommended that you carry out an iron and fuse test on scrap fabric before you start.

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How do you use vilene?

Method of use: Place the interfacing with the coated side on the wrong side of the fabric. Then using dry heat glide the iron firmly 5-6 times very slowly over each area of the insert, so that each area receives approx. 8 seconds of heat.

What is Bondaweb made of?


Content 100% Polyamide
Transparency Sheer
Source Stock Service
Designer Vlieseline®
Content 100% Polyamide