How much does a crochet washcloth cost?

Are crocheted washcloths good?

Crochet washcloths are a joy to make. They are small so you can comfortably make them at any time of year, even when it’s too hot to crochet much else. They use much less yarn than many projects, such as blankets, which offers a great opportunity to try new yarns and to use up scraps.

Are crochet dishcloths sanitary?

3. Knitted dishcloths are more hygienic. Having a bunch of knitted cloths means you can use a new one each day – without the waste! To clean them, just throw them into the washing machine when your next wash.

How much yarn do I need to crochet a washcloth?

Cloth 1 – approximately 70 yards worsted weight cotton yarn. Drops Paris cotton yarn used for cloths pictured. Cloth 2 – approximately 80 yards worsted weight cotton yarn.

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