How does quilted maple occur?

How does maple become Quilted?

While there’s some debate about what causes wood to become figured, we know what causes spalting- specifically, a fungus. Spalting can happen in almost any wood species, but it’s mostly found in maple. When the ends of a freshly-cut log are exposed to moisture, a fungus can find its way inside the log and begin to eat.

Why is quilted maple so expensive?

Quilted Maple is far more rare than flame Maple, so yes it is more expensive even if moderately plentiful at best. Factor in that one in 3000 trees are flamed, and of all the flamed maple trees, two to five percent of the flamed trees reveal or generate good quilt, that drives the price and demand higher.

What is quilted maple used for?

The quilt figure is a result of flat-sawing the wood, which distorts the grain pattern, creating the figure. In the music world, quilt maple is used for acoustic and electric guitars and basses (often for the top of the instrument), as well as other instruments.

Is quilted maple rare?

Quilted maple is incredibly rare and the most expensive of the woods discussed in this post.

Which is more expensive mahogany or maple?

I’m not a builder but I took a quick look and figured maple (which is the norm in maple guitars) is 4-5 times the price of non-figured mahogany (which the norm in mahogany guitars). Just because maple is abundant doesn’t mean figured maple is equally plentiful.

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Is maple heavier than mahogany?

In the competition for density, maple wins out. Maple is a much more densely packed wood that is both heavier and harder than mahogany. … Mahogany is not often used in flooring, but is only hard enough for accent woods such as molding and window trim.