How do you sew elastic thread on fabric?

Which needle is used for elastic thread?

Quick Reference Chart

Sewing Machine Needle Type Needle Size Fabric Type
Stretch needles 75 (11) Light lycra, elasticised fabrics
90 (14) Elastic, heavier lycra, elasticised fabrics
Jeans needles 90 (14) Denim, tightly woven fabrics
100 (16) Heavy denim, vinyl, furnishings

What is the thinnest elastic thread?

This is the Strongest and the Thinnest Invisible Elastic Thread on Earth.

What tension should I use for elastic?

Generally elastic works best when stretched 3-8%, with 8% only being used on the smaller parts of the garment as it’s a bit extreme, as remember the more you stretch the elastic the more stitches you are putting on that space of elastic.

Do I need elastic thread to sew elastic?

In many cases, a zigzag or stretch stitch with regular thread will provide enough give to work with stretchy materials, but elastic thread can be used for certain cases. See How to Sew Stretch Fabric for tips on working with stretchy fabrics. … You can get a smocked look by shirring the fabric using elastic thread.

What can you do with elastic thread?

Elastic thread is thicker and stretchier than regular thread. So it’s useful when you’re working with stretchy fabrics. You typically use elastic thread in your sewing machine in combination with regular thread. It helps to create clothing that gives a little, such as a top with shirring.

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