How do you double moss stitch in the round?

Can you knit moss stitch on circular needles?

Knitting moss stitch flat (with straight or double-pointed needles) means that you work two rows of the same sequence of knits and purls before you alternate them. Because the moss stitch pattern is reversible, it’s easily adaptable to circular knitting needles and knitting in the round.

Are moss stitch and seed stitch the same?

The difference? Seed stitch involves one row of knit 1, purl 1 followed by one row of purl 1, knit 1, while Moss stitch uses two rows of knit 1, purl 1 before two rows of purl 1, knit 1.

What is a double seed stitch in knitting?

The ‘double seed stitch’ is where 2 knit stitches and 2 purl stitches are alternated, so it’s exactly what it says on the tin…it’s a double-size version of the seed stitch!

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