Frequent question: How wide is quilting fabric?

How wide is your average cotton quilting fabric?

While a yard is always 36″ long, quilting cotton widths can vary from 41″-45″. Therefore, it’s normal to see some fat quarters measure 18″ x 20″ and others measure 18″ x 22″.

What are the dimensions of quilt backing fabric?

The sizes that 108″ wide pieces work for as backing go anywhere from lap size quilts to bed size quilts. As long as your quilt is 100″ in length, using a 108″ piece for backing should work for you!

What is wide quilt backing?

Wide quilt backing fabric comes as wide as 108” and allows you to back your quilt with a single piece of fabric, eliminating the need for seams. We also carry quilt backing in smaller widths – perfect for crib or lap sized quilts. …

How much bigger does quilt backing need to be?

The quilt backing needs to be larger than the quilt top to allow extra for fabric that is taken up during quilting and for stabilization when using a quilting frame. Always add 8″ to both the length and width measurements so you have an extra 4″ of fabric all around. Trim off the selvage of all backing fabrics.

What type of quilt batting is best?

Cotton is a great choice for quilt batting, especially if your quilt top and backing are also made from cotton fibers. It’s best known for being soft, breathable, warm, and easy to work with. It does shrink when you wash it, which creates a crinkly/puckered look on more dense quilting designs.

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