Frequent question: How much is shipping for ice yarn?

How much is ice yarn shipping?

However, this means that the shipping costs from Ice Yarns are much higher than we would normally see if ordering from a US-based company. So the shipping cost for this imaginary order is $23.95, bringing the final order total to $50.91.

Are ice yarns good?

Great experience, fast and cheap

Such a pleasant surprise. I tested the yarn and it was most definitely wool (I had been worried that for the price it may not be) and the swatch I knitted was one of the softest sock yarns I have tried in a long time.

How is yarn shipped?

Yarns are shipped in containers on spools or as skeins, principally in folding cartons but also in bales (sometimes strapped with metal strapping), bags and boxes. … Skeins must be so secured as to prevent them from coming undone.

What is a Mouline yarn?

Mélange yarns have various colors that are mixed together before the yarn is spun. Mouline yarns are created by twisting together either different colors or different types of fibers. The chart below, from All About Knitting, shows some of the many different yarn textures you might encounter.

How do you pack yarn for shipping?

If your stash is small and your move a short distance, just pack in cloth bags, like canvas weekend bags or even reusable grocery sacks. The handles make them easy to carry and you can certainly store them short term in these bags. When yarn is shipped to you it often comes in cardboard boxes.

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How long does yarn com take to ship?

Standard Shipping

Our normal processing time is 2–3 business days before an order is packed and shipped from WEBS. Our shipping charges are based on the final weight of your package.

How is wool transported?

Wool is packaged in bales wrapped in jute, sisal or plastic and is held together with steel strapping and/or wires. … The cargo is to be secured in such a way that the bales or strapping are not damaged. Undamaged strapping is essential to maintain compression of the bales during transport.