Can you carve spoons from green wood?

Is green wood easier to carve?

The answer is simple, green wood is just easier to carve, and all the consequences that may apply to larger carvings don’t take place with spoons, or can be fairly easily fixed. Therefore if you want to try how is it to carve green wood, you should probably try spoon carving.

Is it better to carve wood wet or dry?

Carving wet wood is easier than carving it dry as the moisture in the wood allows the knife to glide through the wood easier. If the wood is too dry, the wood can be hard and brittle. By wetting the wood down before carving will make for a more enjoyable carving experience.

How long does wood stay green for carving?

The usual drying time for most timber is usually six weeks. Summer, autumn and spring are the best seasons for drying thanks to the warm and pleasant temperature that stays between 55 to 65 degrees F in most parts of the world.

What wood makes the best spoon?

A cheap wooden spoon is likely to be made of pine, but the best quality wooden spoons are made of either olive wood, bamboo, beech or maple. Since they’re harder woods, they’re less likely to crack.

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