Best answer: How do you embroider faces on toys?

What is a teddy bear Pomeranian?

The inner layer of the coat has been shaved down. This Pom’s fur will most likely never grow back to the thick, wonderful coat it could have been. This trimmed, rounded out coat leads some to refer to the dog as a Teddy Bear Pom. However, this is a standard Pomeranian with a coat this is trimmed nice and tidy.

Can you embroider skin?

It is more common to do the “human-body embroidery” on the palm than on the back of the hand and the stitches will not leave marks on the body unless one pushes too hard under the skin, according to a 21-year-old “human-body embroidery” lover who referred to herself as B.

Are safety eyes really safe?

First, a warning: Despite their name, safety eyes are dangerous for small children. Babies can easily pull off safety eyes — even if you’ve secured them properly — and put them in their mouths. If safety eyes are not suitable for the recipient of your toy, there are plenty of other options.

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