You asked: Why is Grover so concerned that one of the old ladies snipped the yarn?

What did Grover think the snipping of the yarn mean?

What does Percy think the yarn-cutting means? … Percy: Grover does this yarn-cutting means that someone is going to die? Grover did not actually give an answer but he looked very sad.

What is Grover’s reaction to the three old ladies?

Later, Grover asks Percy what he saw at the fruit stand, and Percy, puzzled by Grover’s strange behavior, says that he saw the middle of the three old ladies bring out a pair of scissors and cut the yarn.

What do the three 3 old ladies cut while Percy and Grover wait for the bus to be fixed?

The three old women seem to be staring directly at Percy. One takes out a pair of giant gold scissors and cuts a piece of yarn. It looks almost like a ritual. Soon after, the bus driver fixes the bus, and everyone gets back on the bus.

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Why did Percy believe that Grover was lying about not knowing Mrs Dodds?

Why does Percy lie to his mom about Mrs. Dodds and the ladies at the fruit stand? He doesn’t want to ruin their trip to Montauk and he doesn’t want his mom to worry about him. … Ho loves his mom and doesn’t want to leave her and Grover that is why it was so difficult.

What were Percy’s two requests for Hades?

Percy’s first request is that Hades return Zeus’ master bolt to him in order to prevent war between the gods. Before Percy can get to his second request, however, Hades accuses him of having stolen both Zeus’ master bolt and his own helm of darkness.

What caused the Greyhound bus to pull over Percy Jackson?

What caused the Greyhound bus to pull over? … Black smoke poured into the bus.

Why did Mr Brunner stop talking and check the hallway?

Why did Mr. Brunner stop talking and check the hallway? Mr. Brunner heard a noise.

Why is Montauk so special to Percy’s mom?

Why is Montauk special to Percy’s mom? It was the place where she met Percy’s father. … Percy loves this because his mother is a bit rebellious, just like him.

Is there a real Yancy Academy?

It is a private school in New York for “troubled kids” and is the sixth school that Percy has attended in six years. … Yancy Academy is a private, boarding school for troubled children in upstate New York.

What did Percy promise to Grover?

Brunner. On the bus to Manhattan, Percy confronts Grover about what he overheard, and Grover hints that it is his duty to protect Percy. When the bus breaks down and Percy sees an old lady take out scissors and snip a yarn, Grover makes Percy promise that he will allow Grover to walk him home.

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What did Grover say to Percy?

“Percy,” Grover said, “the gods really don’t appreciate people sitting in their thrones. I mean like turn-you-into-a-pile-of-ashes don’t appreciate it.”

Why did Annabeth snatch the scarf from Percy?

This scarf has the power to make people fall in love. That’s the reason why Annabeth took it away from Percy so quickly, knowing that the scarf could enchant him. In mythology, Aphrodite, instead of a scarf, possesses a girdle that makes everyone who she wants, fall in love with her.

What news does the headmaster of Yancy?

What news does the headmaster of Yancy Academy send to Percy’s mom? Percy is making all A’s. Percy is being kicked out of Yancy Academy. Percy is being invited back to Yancy Academy for another year.

Why is school so difficult for Percy Jackson?

Because he has been labeled a trouble maker, he has a hard time fitting in at school. He has been expelled from school six times in the past six years. Certain events that have happened to him leave him feeling confused/concerned/scared.