You asked: Which process is done after sewing?

What are the stages of garment production?

Here’s a step-by step guide to garment production:

  • Pre-Production. Pre-production consist of fabric and trim sourcing, fabric development, pattern making and sampling.
  • Fabric and Trim Sourcing. …
  • Pattern Making. …
  • Production Planning. …
  • Cutting Process. …
  • Manufacturing and Quality Control. …
  • Delivery.

What is the process of garment?

The process of manufacturing garments involves product design, fabric selection and testing, pattern making, grading, marking, distribution, cutting, folding, sewing, compression or folding, finishing and specifying, dyeing and washing, QC etc.

Which process is done after bundling?

Group bundling – several (10-20) garments are put together in a bundle and given to a single operator or team to sew. … Other operators sew other parts of the garment, which are then assembled into the finished garment in the final phase.

How do you create a complete garments?

Here’s a step by step guide on translating an idea to a wearable garment.

  1. Garment Creation Step 1: Sketch.
  2. Garment Creation Step 2: Pattern.
  3. Garment Creation Step 3: Muslin.
  4. Garment Creation Step 4: Samples.
  5. Garment Creation Step 5: Finished Product.

What is a garment contractor?

“Contractor” means any person who, with the assistance of employees or others, is primarily engaged in sewing, cutting, making, processing, repairing, finishing, assembling, or otherwise preparing any garment or any article of wearing apparel or accessories designed or intended to be worn by any individual, including, …

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What is a fashion tech pack?

A Tech Pack (short for Technical Packet and also known as specification sheets) is a set of documents created by a designer, technical designer, pattern maker, or product developer to explain the fashion product design to a manufacturer so they can turn the information into an actual product for your customers to buy …

What is bundling and ticketing?

Each piece or garment part is ticketed, and the plies are numbered sequentially. … Garment parts are grouped and bundled for the specific production system to be used. Bundle tickets are attached and the parts are ready to be moved to the sewing operation.

What is bundling and numbering?

Bundling: As per the production line requirement a certain number of pieces with all component are tied together. This process is known as bundling. Each bundle is marked with bundle number, style name, size number and quantity of pieces in that bundle.

What is fusing in garments?

Fusing Process in Garments

Fusing process is one kinds of alternative method of fabric joining which is vastly used to attach the interlining. … Resin coating of interlining melted by heating into the fabric under pressure and when it becomes cool and hard; both fabric and interlining are attached strongly.