You asked: Is fly tying thread different than sewing thread?

Can you use polyester thread for fly tying?

Nylon and polyester threads are thinner and stronger than silk and therefore more practical for today’s fly tying. Polyester has less stretch than nylon, which should give you more thread control.

What is nylon thread?

Nylon. Nylon threads are synthetic threads (polyester threads are synthetic as well) often used in the form of a monofilament clear thread or as a textured fuzzy (woollie-like) thread.

What is UTC thread?

UTC is a polyester thread rather than nylon. UTC stretches more than nylon threads which allows it to grab and hold materials better. UTC Thread is a flat thread allowing it to wrap evenly on the hook and give you ultimate control. UTC is litely waxed, multi filament and each spool comes with 100 yards of thread.

Can I use dental floss for fly tying?

You can take a 5-inch or 6-inch section of dental floss, tie an overhand knot on one end and “load” it by stringing on six or seven beads and then moving them up the floss as needed when you’re tying.

What is 210 denier thread?

UTC 210 Denier Ultra Thread is an excellent deer hair spinning fly tying thread. … UTC 210 Denier Ultra Thread has a breaking strength of approximately #3 and is recommended for tying on hook sizes #8 to #1/0.

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What is floss used for in fly tying?

Floss is used to create bodies on many different patterns and once you get the hang of it, its actually a lot of fun to use. … Floss body under tinsel. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to handle at first.

What is denier in fly tying thread?

Denier is the measured mass in grams of 9,000 meters of thread. For example, if the mass of thread is 70 grams, it is considered a 70 denier thread. A 140 denier thread has twice the mass of the 70 and, therefore, is larger and stronger.

What thread do you use to tie crappie jigs?

The Only Thread You’ll Need

If you’re tying Buggs (the coolest and most effective jigs on the plantet!), Bass Flies, Saltwater Flies, and anything else in the crappie jig size and larger, here’s your thread! It’s called Danville’s 210 Denier Waxed Flymaster Plus. Danville Chenille Co., Inc.