You asked: How do you knit a hood?

Can you knit a hoodie?

Knitting a hood is an easy, fun knitting project appropriate for knitters of all levels! You can attach a hood to a sweater or knit a hood to wear as a hat. Start by knitting a rectangular piece attached to a sweater or on its own. Then, all you have to do is sew up 1 of the edges to form the hood!

Can a hoodie be a sweater?

Even though they come under types of sweaters, they are not a sweater. Just the opposite, actually. Meaning, you can wear a sweatshirt to work out but you can’t wear a sweater until winter arrives.

What does pick up stitches mean in knitting?

In knitting, picking up stitches means adding stitches to the knitting needle that were previously bound off or belong to the selvage. Picking up stitches is commonly done in knitting garments, e.g. in knitting the collar or sleeves, and is essential for entrelac knitting.

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