Why Does My Brother sewing machine keep eating my fabric?

Why is My Brother sewing machine eating my fabric?

Your Fabric Is Too Stretchy, Slippery, or Thin

This can cause your sewing machine to suck your fabric under your needle plate. Use interfacing or a stabilizer to help your feed dogs move more difficult fabric smoothly through your sewing machine. You can also use a walking foot attachment.

Why does my sewing machine keep jamming underneath?

However certain you are that the problem with the machine is most likely due to a huge tangled mess of thread in the bobbin underneath the fabric, the most common reason for the jamming is usually the lack of sufficient tension in the upper thread.

Why won’t my sewing machine feed the fabric through?

If Fabric Is Not Feeding Properly

Lower the presser foot and resume sewing. Another reason the machine may not be feeding fabric is that the feed dogs (or feed teeth) are disengaged, so make sure that they are properly engaged for sewing. … The machine may also not feed fabric if the stitch length control is set to “0”.

Why won’t my sewing machine needle go up and down?

A disengaged clutch, broken drive belt or internal drive gear failure can prevent the needle from moving. … If the needle won’t move with the clutch engaged, unplug the sewing machine and check the drive belt. Replace the drive belt if it’s broken.

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